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Google deals with 100 billion searches every month. If you want to convert them into customers, you absolutely need top rankings. No matter how unique your company is, you will always find competitors. You need to show google that you are the best. You need to be visible. You need to be relevant to your niche. Luckily, you just found the best SEO company in Los Angeles.

  • We’re based in Los Angeles, and provide services across the globe
  • Your company goals and needs are our top priority
  • We create custom tailored SEO strategies for your company

With a successful SEO campaign, you can stop spending money on paid ads and receive more customers. We’re ready to share the biggest secrets of the SEO industry with you, you just have to get in touch! Are you seeking help in increasing the rankings of your company? We can do that. Do you want organic clients to choose you over your competitors? We can make that happen. Are you looking for proven strategies that will get you your dream results on Google in a safe and long-lasting way? That’s our specialty.

You just found the top rated and trusted Los Angeles SEO company. Not only are we the best in local SEO, but we are among the best SEO companies in the United States as well. In other words, your company is in good hands and can only be booming if we help you rank it with our cutting-edge seo techniques.

What Is SEO?

Nowadays, more and more people are becoming familiar with the online world. Be it for shopping, local service companies, or products, the Internet has the solution to all our problems. As a result, companies are increasingly making themselves visible online, because that’s where the majority of their customers come from.


The more choices there are, the less patient the customer gets. In general, a user will only contact companies that are on the first page of the search engine. If you want to break through online, which is more and more essential for the survival of your business, you have to be as visible as possible. How can you achieve this? Through the best SEO strategy.

SEO aims to optimize a website so that it is search engine friendly. If search engines consider your site to be relevant, they will value it over your competitors. And the more visible your company is, the more traffic you will attract. This traffic should then be converted into customers, which will increase the revenue of your business.

How Does SEO Work?

  1. We optimize the technical parts of the site. We make sure that the message is understandable Google, Yahoo, & Bing robots that scan your site.
  2. We optimize your existing content, and then write additional content for you every month. The goal is to create content for searches most likely to attract traffic and generate conversions. 
  3. We’ll provide high authority links to your website and other internet pages. This will make the search engine robots happy and increase your rankings.

Why is SEO Needed for my Website?

When you create a website, you want it to be seen. Whether it’s an e-commerce oriented site, a showcase, or a blog. The fact that you publish a site on the web implies that you are looking for visibility and that you want to reach a precise target.

A website using the best SEO strategy is a sustainable competitive advantage. It then becomes very hard for a competitor to outrank you. If it is maintained over time, it is even better as your property’s reputation will grow.

how does seo work

How Much Time Does It Take to Drive traffic?

Implementing a successful SEO strategy requires a lot of time and specialized knowledge. But when you master them as we have, your online growth comes naturally.

To give you an estimate, a new site will take a few months longer than a site that is already up and running. In addition, some niches are more competitive than others, and keywords will be more complicated to set up. Fortunately, you have come to the right SEO Company. Our expertise allows us to tackle the most difficult niches and to outperform the most powerful competitors.

Top-tier Digital Marketing Company

No matter the nature of your business, it is vital that you get a good return on your investment. Our digital marketing agency makes this goal a priority.

To achieve this for you, we employ top SEO strategies that make your company more visible on the market. We know exactly how to get you on the first spot out there. We do it all the time for our clients. We want to make you the most powerful competitor that other companies try to outrank.

Google has no secrets for us. We’ve managed to tame it and respond to its algorithm changes in the best possible way. You can rest assured that your company is in good hands. Your success is our success.

Rank Higher With Our Help!!

Organic & Local SEO Providers

Are you searching for a top SEO company that is Los Angeles based? Look no further. We provide SEO that is both organic and local. No matter what strategy you choose, expect to reach high-level volumes and web traffic growth.

Organic website SEO Strategist

In internet marketing, organic ranking is the best SEO strategy to place your business among the best US companies. It is a natural way of promoting your company, as opposed to paid advertising campaigns. It refers to all the top SEO techniques that allow a website to be positioned for previously identified search queries.

We make you appear at the top of Google’s national search results. If your targeted audience is all over the United States, we will help you get customers right across the country.

Local SEO Example

Local SEO Marketing

Local Los Angeles SEO will drive your business to the front row in your chosen location.

We can target a specific neighborhood, the whole city of LA, or expand to the whole state of California and beyond. This strategy targets a local audience, which is especially important for a service type of business as well as local shops.

We aim at showcasing what you offer to the closest audience. Our experts use tested and risk-free techniques such as locally-focused content marketing and link building. Let all the Los Angeles companies dream of outranking you.

Highest Quality SEO Services to Drive Traffic

Our SEO company in Los Angeles uses a procedure called on-site optimization. If you already have a website, then you know how important it is to optimize it. This helps to attract traffic and generate sales through a good conversion rate. If you don’t know about that, here’s a brief description of the additional services we provide:

  • Copywriting
  • Web design 
  • Multimedia optimization
  • Branding
  • Rebranding

Creating a website does not only imply working on its appearance but also on its performance. The internal structure of your site directly influences its natural referencing. In some cases, it also allows you to avoid certain penalties from Google. 

As a leader in this industry, our agency employs fundamental onsite optimization practices such as:

  • Choosing informative page titles 
  • Powerful link building campaigns
  • Content that responds to searches 
  • Using targeted URLs 
  • Writing quality HTML meta tags
  • Avoiding multiplication of keywords
  • Banning splash pages or pop-up windows

Within the framework of on-site optimization, we provide 2 types of services. 

  1. We evaluate our clients’ sites beforehand in order to discover the flaws in the system and find the key to success. 
  2. For clients who are starting from scratch, we are happy to provide a complete optimization service on a site that we create according to your criteria.

If you decide to take a big step in your business and trust us completely, we will take care of the off-site optimization as well. This one is also designed to satisfy the algorithms of search engines, but it relies a lot on human behavior. It’s the equivalent of word of mouth. This type of optimization increases the popularity of your business which Google will consider unique and relevant. Among the off-site techniques we propose:

  • Marketing for social media
  • Link baiting
  • Infographic designs
  • Guest Blogging
  • Maintenance

We could continue to list the fundamentals and try to explain the subtleties of on-page optimization, but be aware that the implementation of this technique requires an experienced practice. Our team is composed of web experts who are passionate, attentive, and constantly alert to the latest developments. To this extent, we regularly work to monitor and optimize the SEO rate of our customers.

What Makes Us the Best SEO Agency?

Our company was founded out of necessity. Our founder, Robert Portillo, began learning SEO to grow his computer repair store. Eventually building up hundreds of page one rankings and earning awards like Expertise’ best computer repair store. As more and more corporate customers began asking if he could do the same for their business, he decided to found this business. 

Today, Robert speaks at prestigious SEO conferences, and our team has a combined 5 decades of experience in online marketing. Are you looking to maximize your visibility on the online market? That’s what we do. Do you want to optimize your sales and reach a broader audience? You found the right company, call us for a free consultation. 

Results-Focused Strategist

Because our success only comes with your success, we focus on the results. Good performance is achieved through the association of efficiency with profitability. Performance requires a progressive vision covering all parameters, whether internal or external. It combines quantity and quality. Technical, physical, and financial management. With that in mind, we want your business to rank #1 in your niche. Not #2, not #3, but #1. By collaborating with our SEO agency, you will witness your company growing steadily.

You will leave all other companies far behind.


Attention to SEO Detail Drives traffic to your website

Being focused on results is paramount, but attention to detail is also extremely valuable. Every element of our internet marketing strategy will contribute to your success. Skipping steps or rushing the job may yield short-term results, but it will be at the expense of long-term results. Our team sees your business as their own child, and will ensure that it grows and thrives in the future. We build a solid foundation, based on those little details that other SEO agencies often overlook.

Experienced Consultation

If we are the best SEO company in Los Angeles, it is because each and every one of our team members share their incredible knowledge towards a common goal. We deal with the most challenging niches and, most importantly, we provide results. None of our client’s projects are taken lightly. Whatever the size of your company, we will commit to the same extent to come up with the best SEO solutions. If you took the step of coming to us, we trust that you deserve the largest traffic and the highest-ranking that we can provide.

Long-Lasting Results for Your Company

Everything is calculated, everything is precise, nothing is left to coincidence. The number of satisfied customers increases every week, and they don’t leave as quickly! Many of them see us as one of the main reasons why their business has taken off like a rocket. That’s why they come back for maintenance services or other projects. We build strong professional relationships with each client who offers us his or her time and shares values. We often communicate with the robots of different search engines, but SEO is a human adventure above all. Together we can move mountains and achieve results faster than all the best SEO companies altogether.

Best SEO Practice

SEO does not have to be malicious. All that we do consents to Google best practice. We achieve the most ideal rankings while having the least probability of penalties. Our plug-and-play SEO solutions are risk-free and give our clients an opportunity to focus on what’s really important for them. We do all the work, and we do it right. If you hire us, you can drive with your eyes closed and be sure to reach the top. If you prefer, you can also give us full control and relax on the back seat and watching all the traffic outside heading to your website.

Transparent Reporting

Every month you’ll get custom-made reports and updates on your KPIs so you can unmistakably see with your own eyes how fast you are ranking. If you have accurate data, you will be able to analyze and improve the performance of your actions. While there are some basic indicators that you are probably already following, we will look here at the more advanced indicators that will allow you to evaluate and optimize the success of your marketing campaigns.

Social Media and Cross-Platform Integration

The online world offers many opportunities of which customer acquisition is the most valuable. This is where you can gather the largest audience and let your business reach people across borders. Whether it is on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or LinkedIn, it is essential to follow the KPIs of the social networks on which you are present. We help you identify the performance of your strategy on social networks. If you don’t have an account yet, let us guide you. We accompany you step by step and break down popular beliefs about the best way to use these social platforms.


Affordable Marketing

This is maybe the greatest inquiry when it comes to SEO as the industry is pretty new and people often don’t know what to expect. Businesses face the common dilemma of finding the perfect marketing strategy. By contacting top SEO companies you will soon discover that the only thing they want is to take money out of your pocket. This is why you should go with us, the best SEO company in Los Angeles. You can get what you need and much more – all within your financial plans and for the budget of your choosing.

Team Lead Communication

Our top team of SEO consultants will explain to you the steps we take in detail. You will be aware of what is going on inside and outside your business. We hide nothing from our clients, including unpleasant surprises, even if these are extremely rare. We have a reputation for being very honest. It is thanks to this transparency that we enjoy our dynamic and coordination. Your demands will be heard, and the results will only be driven by your orders. We are here to advise you, and our agency can lead us to the top.

Ready to Increase Your Sales? Get in Touch Today For a Free Strategy Session!

Our task as SEO consultants is to help your company that is facing problems in terms of web traffic while at the same time bringing you a lot of extra value.

If you’re here, it is probably for one of these reasons:

  1. You want to boost your website and get more traffic
  2. Your website is struggling to get visibility on Google
  3. You don’t have the time or ability to manage this work

Ready to start growing your business? We will increase your visibility, boost your rankings, and get your website traffic flowing. Why not contact us to learn more about how we can help your business grow? You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain.

About Our Business

Robert Portillo, founder, started the company to help his computer repair business, and quickly realized he could help others grow their businesses as well. He speaks at prestigious SEO conferences, and lives here in Los Angeles with his wife and two sons. When he’s not learning more about SEO and CRO, or implementing his knowledge, you can find him and his family at a local farmer’s market, hiking, or at the beach. 

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Rise Local Buinsess has been great to work with. They have brought in a good amount of work for us. Their prices are reasonable and I’m looking forward to continuing to work with them long term

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I had an old outdated website and wanted to be ranked on the first page of Google. Rise Local Business exceeded my expectations and now we are starting to rank on the first pages of Google.

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I called them to get help with our law firm rankings and they’ve done such a wonderful job. We’ve passed our competitors and the phone rings twice as much. Rise Local Business is highly recommended. Joshua and Robert are great guys too. Give them a call.

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